Whitey Houston, Like Lindsay Lohan, is “Feeling Great!”


With recent news that Whitney Houston needed to postpone a bunch of European tour dates, there is a ton of speculation that Whitney has relapsed and this is the reason why she had to spend some quality time in a hospital in Paris.

Well Whitney is not going to take the rumors laying down.  Oh hell to the no!  She refuses to let the public look at her like the evil eyes that Bobby Brown painted on her bedroom wall staring at her.  Therefore, once Whitney was released from the hospital she told People Magazine, “I’m feeling great.  I’m just ready to move on and continue my world tour. My health is terrific…but this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.

Right.  Allergies.  I get raspy this time of year too, Whitney.  I sneeze a lot and my eyes get all itchy and red.  I suck up a lot of snot since my nose runs like a faucet and I typically feel groggy.  However, due to your “track record” if this really is allergies, where are the receipts?  Show me the receipts.  I’d like to meet the person who claims they’re selling me $700,000 worth of allergy medicine.  Where are the receipts?  Owww owww!

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