Tamagotchi Friends, the Original Hatchimal, from the 90’s is Officially Back in Time for Christmas 2017!

Because everything old is new again.  Welcome back, 1990’s, welcome back.

Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends 2017 - 2018 What is Tamagotchi Toy Egg Review

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That’s right, you heard correctly.  Your ‘favorite’ toy from the 90’s, Tamagotchi, is officially back and is already almost impossible to find and buy online.  Go figure!  They’re coming up on their 20th anniversary so the company, Bandai, thought it made sense to re-release these little interactive pets into the wild.  But this time, they’re a bit new and improved and, more importantly, they’re going to be sold right here in the good old USA!

From what we now know, you can by these new Tamagotchi Friends in 6 different varieties.  But don’t worry, they’re still the classic egg-shaped keychains… although they are a little bit smaller than the originals.  And, well, they’re much easier to keep alive since this time around since you only have to feed them and keep them clean for the most part.  The old days of disciplining them Judge Judy style is a thing of the past.  We’re relieved because we were never really sure how to do that anyway.  Plus, they’re still little pixilated blobs that really give it that retro feeling we’re all longing for.  Your kids will be confused by the lack of sophistication at first but, let’s be real, if they’re ok with Minecraft this will be right up their alley.

Here’s everything you can do with the new Tamagotchi Friends:
  • Feed them (give them treats until they’re full)
  • Clean them (you literally have to clean up their poop on the screen – goodbye stink marks!)
  • Care for them (show them some love so they don’t die!)
  • Carry them around with you (they can work on your keychain or belt loop just like in the 90s)
  • They’ll give you that much-need nostalgic feeling and you don’t have to worry about connecting them to an app, your smartphone, or bluetooth anything because that’s not part of this at all!  #ThanksSimplerTimes

Tamagotchi Friends will be officially available on November 5, 2017, but you can pre-order them here:

1.  New Tamagotchi Friends Egg in Blue with Pink – Buy It Here


Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: Light Blue Egg on Chain 2018

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2.  Tamagotchi Toy on a Chain in Bright Pink/Red – Buy It Here

Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: Pink/Purple Egg 2018

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3.  Tamagotchi Egg in White – Buy It Here

Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: White Interactive Toy Pet Egg 2018

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4.  Bright Blue Tamagotchi – Buy It Here


Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: Dark Blue Egg 2018

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5.  Orange Tamagotchi Interactive Toy on a Chain – Buy It Here


Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: Orange Interactive Egg 2018

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6.  Aqua Blue Tamagotchi Toy Egg – Buy It Here

Where to Buy New Tamagotchi Friends Toy 2017: Blue Egg 2018

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