The Shimmer & Shine Magical Light-Up Genie Palace is Pretty Magical

One of the top 25 toys for Christmas this year is here and everyone is pretty stoked about it!

Where to Buy Shimmer & Shine Magical Light-Up Genie Palace 2017 - 2018 Review

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There are doll houses and then there are doll houses. We may get in trouble for calling it that, however, because this palace playset is so much more.  Not only are your kiddos going to love the Shimmer & Shine Magical Genie Palace, but their Shimmer and Shine dolls are going to have a blast in it too.  It’s just like the TV show they love!

First off, this intriguing palace has three floors and two magical balconies where they can play and use their imagination all at the same time.  Plus, there’s 20 play pieces so they’ll always be able to try new things, explore, and have a ton of fun for hours on end (ok they’re kids, so they’ll probably play for, like, 30 minutes tops).

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What the kids are going to love the best (besides #Genies) is that the entire palace is sound activated and can respond with upwards of one-hundred fun and magical responses and phrases.  Oh, and when they clap their hands songs play and the genie palace lights up!  But don’t worry, if your kids aren’t into lights and sound there is an option to play with no effects at all.  Good thinking!  The magic continues thanks to the secret mirror on the top floor where Princess Samira is known to appear.  When she does she’ll grant magic “Genie Gems” to the sisters.  So fun! Get it while you can!

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This palace playset comes with one Shimmer doll, nine Genie Gems, a vanity, table, refrigerator,  teapot, two teacups, two beds, one bath tub and one couch.

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