Pikmi Pops Surprise: Meet Espi the Shiny Jumbo Dog!

Because what kid (and adult) doesn’t love Pikmi Pops?!

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If it’s one thing we know that kids love this year it’s surprises inside a surprise!  Our favorite Pikmi Pops is back with Pikmi Pops Surprise just in time for the holiday season.  This time around they’re going large with Espi the Shiny Jumbo Dog.  He’s super plush, cozy, and oh so lovable.  His scent is sweet and you definitely won’t be able to stop smelling him! That’s half the fun!

So what’s the deal with Espi?  Well, he’s one of the first releases in the new Pikmi Pop Series 1 Jumbo edition and he’s 7-inches tall (that’s pretty jumbo compared to the older Pikmi Pops).  Once your kids bust open that pop, besides Espi, they’ll find lots of fun surprises.  Then, the moment all kids have been waiting for, they’ll read the super surprise message note and discover if they got either one, two, or three charms (fingers crossed it’s three!).  Finally, they can then attach Espi to the three dangler strings and really start having some fun!

Pikmi Pops Surprise Jumbo Shiny Dog ‘Espi’ – Buy It Here

New Pikmi Pops Surprise Jumbo Shiny Dog Espi Toys R Us 2017 - 2018

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