Everyone is Officially Obsessed with the Pickle Rick Funko Pop and We Need Him Right Quick

Because he’s clearly the unsung hero of the Rick and Morty series and people can’t get their hands on Pickle Rick fast enough!

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To say that Rick and Morty is already a cult classic is an understatement.  People are lining up all over the country just to see the Rickmobile visit their town.  As if this Adult Swim cartoon (ahem, genius cartoon) couldn’t get any bigger, we were all recently introduced to “Pickle Rick” on August 6, 2017 (during season three) and he instantly became a major fan favorite.

As if you don’t know, Pickle Rick came into our lives when Rick turned himself into a pickle (duh!)  during another one of his crazy experiments and, most likely, to avoid having to go to therapy with his family.  Either way, once Pickle Rick enters the real world outside he’s faced with so many pickle-like dilemmas.  He’s attacked by a cat, a rat, a roach, the sun, and more.  Luckily Pickle Rick was able to at least kill the sewer rats with items like box-cutters, screws, rockets, and the like.  Our favorite part was when he climbs up out of the toilet and yells “Pickle Riiiiccck!”

In the end, Pickle Rick is turned back into just plain old regular Rick (thanks to Beth’s syringe), but either way people immediately became obsessed with all things ‘Pickle Rick.’  Shop our picks for the best Pickle Rick merch, action figures, and more.  Get ’em while you can!

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