What the Heck is Inside the LOL Surprise BIG SURPRISE and Where Can We Buy It?!

Because we are literally in a frenzy over what could be inside!?

Where to Buy LOL Surprise BIG SURPRISE New Ball Doll 2017 - What's Inside Big Surprise 2018

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And, spoiler alert, like many of you we had no clue what LOL Surprise even was in the first place.  But, after the insane amount of emails we got asking when and where they could buy the new BIG SURPRISE we figured we should research and report back!  Here’s the deal.

Every kid on good old planet earth (while it’s still here, at least) goes nuts over the L.O.L Surprise dolls because (1) kids love to take part in an unboxing, (2) they’re collectible, (3) there’s always a fashion-forward doll inside, (4) there’s other doll stuff inside them and no one ever knows what it’ll be and (5) the whole concept is cute AF.  It’s reminding us of the anxiety we’re having over the secrecy around the new Hatchimals Surprise. Now that we’re squared away there, onto what the latest big surprise is.

Just in time for the ho-ho-holidays, LOL Surprise has come out with the official LOL Surprise BIG SURPRISE that has been kept under such tight wraps that people are basically calling up psychics to see if they know what’s inside this clever little egg. One of the major things now that we know what’s inside is another cute little collectible doll with 50 (FIFTY!) surprises in each of them. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The LOL Big Surprise comes in 3-layers.
  • The first layer will have 10  surprise balls!  Inside them are a cute variety of outfits (including glittery ones!) and accessories for your LOL Surprise dolls.  Yes!
  • In the middle there’s a little scratch card that, when you scratch it, will have a Surprise Code.  When you go to the official LOL Surprise website you’ll enter that code and see if you’ve won anything cool.  We do love scratch-offs!
  • The second layer includes charm fizz-balls of all different colors.  When you add them to water you’ll uncover what amazing charms are actually inside (this may include a perfume bottle, BFF heart charms, and more!)
  • The final third layer contains the limited edition dolls that you can only find at Toys R Us.  The BIG SURPRISE is that the ball contains 2 big sisters and 2 little sisters!  Some may even be super-rare!

This BIG SURPRISE is an official limited edition and (at the time of this review) has never been seen before.  We. Are. Hooked.

New Limited Edition L.O.L Surprise BIG SURPRISE for Christmas 2017 – Buy It Here

What is the LOL Surprise Big Surprise for Christmas 2017 - 2018 Review of Egg

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