These I Love Lucy Funko Pop Figurines are a Black and White Dream Come True

Because all these years later we’re still obsessed with all things I Love Lucy.  The biggest Lucy fans will love these latest Funko Pop figurines!

Where to Buy I Love Lucy Funko Pop Figurines 2018 - Pre Order Lucy Rick Black and White Multicolor

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One of the hottest items of the summer (especially for us Lucy fans) will definitely be the latest creation from Funko Pop. Yes, we’re talking about these classic I Love Lucy figurines.  We want to call them bobbleheads, but we know her head doesn’t bobble around, unfortunately.  We’ll still proudly display them on our desk at work.

This latest release is going to feature some of our favorite Lucy moments like that time she famously worked at the chocolate factory.  We still laugh each and every time we see that clip!  Plus, you can even get your hands on a little Funko Pop Ricky Ricardo with his prized bongos (most likely playing a little Babalu).  They’re even releasing two (so far) black and white I Love Lucy figurines as well.  Here’s the latest on what we know.

  1. When Will the I Love Lucy Figurines Be Released?  August 25, 2018.
  2. Can You Pre-Order Them?  Yes! Pre-Order is now available here at Amazon.
  3. Where Can You Get the Black & White Versions?  They’ll be available exclusively at Target and Barnes & Noble.
  4. What About Fred and Ethel?  So far, sadly, Fred and Ethel aren’t available, but rumor has it they’re working on it!

Check out the I Love Lucy Funko Pop figures available now:

1. I Love Lucy ‘Multicolor’ Funko Pop – Pre Order Here

Where to Buy I Love Lucy Funko Pop 2018 Multicolor

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2.  Classic I Love Lucy ‘Chocolate Factory’ Funko Pop Figurine – Pre Order Here

Multicolor I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory Funko Pop August 2018

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3.  Ricky Ricardo Funk Pop – Pre Order Here

Pre Order Ricky Ricardo Funko Pop Figurine from I Love Lucy 2018

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4.  Black & White Funko Pop ‘I Love Lucy’ Chocolate Factory at Barnes and Noble – Pre Order Here


Pre-Order Black and white I Love Lucy Funko Pop Barnes and Noble 2018

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5.  I Love Lucy ‘Black and White’ Figurine at Target – Pre Order Here

Where to Get I Love Lucy Black and White Funko Pop Target 2018

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