The Hatchimals Puppadee May Be Our Favorite Set of Twins Yet

I mean, a Puppadee has to be a mix between a puppy and a chickadee right?  Right?  We’re pretty sure at least.

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What we’re 100% sure about is that this new Hatchimal is probably going to be the biggest seller this upcoming holiday season. The official release date is October 6, 2017 and here’s what we know so far (bookmark this page and come back often for more details and places to buy online as they arise).

The Puppadee is supposed to be an exclusive new Hatchimal to Toys R Us, but something tells me that you’ll be able to find it other places online like eBay or Amazon.  You’re likely to pay more, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Anyway, Puppadee (as you may know by now) arrive as twins in their egg and you have to help them hatch.  This is similar to the old Hatchimals process, but Spinmaster is claiming that this hatching process is new and improved.  We’re hoping that means that kids don’t have to basically take a toy hammer to get them out like the last time!

Puppadee Twins come in a variety of colors (which makes it kind of fun because even if you know you’re buying a Puppadee, you don’t actually know which color you’re going to get), they have cute little colorful dog-like ears that hang slightly over their eyes, they have an adorable circle over one of their eyes, have bird-like wings (or chicken-like wings?), and all have a heart shape on their chest, which is perfect because you’re going to want to love them oh so much.

With the Toys R Us exclusive, they also come with bonus NIDS nests so your little twin Puppadees will have a fun place to live. Your kids are going to be psyched helping them hatch, will teach them all sorts of coo things like (like talking!), help them grow to a variety of learning and growth stages as time goes on, and just love them all the live-long-day.  Plus these new twins actually interact with each other so they can play games and do cool things together.

If your kid thought it was tough taking care of one thing, good luck with taking care of two!  Bookmark this page because we’ll provide more details as they come up, but here’s where you can purchase one right now.  And if worse comes to worse you can always check out eBay (we know, we know) but if worse comes to worse!

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