Yes, Greedy Granny’s Teeth Really Do Fly Out of Her Mouth in This Game!

Shhhh!  Don’t wake up Granny or you just may have a biting surprise!

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Yet another must-have game for the holiday season, Greedy Granny is the game that is cracking kids up every single time they play.  An exclusive toy game from Toys R Us, the point of Greedy Granny is simple, yet hysterical.  Kids take turns basically trying to steal some treats (like cookies!) from a very sleepy Granny’s tray as she snoozes on her chair.  If you can collect the most treats before she wakes up, you win!  But if she wakes up, good luck, because she springs up from her chair and her teeth (we assume dentures) literally go flying out of her mouth and you lose.  Sounds like Granny kind of loses too though!

How to Play (Win or Lose) Greedy Granny Game 2017 - 2018

Want to know how to play Greedy Granny in more detail?  Glad you asked.  Again it’s pretty simple but let’s break it down:

  1. Each kid will spin the official Greedy Granny treat wheel so they can know exactly which treat from Granny’s tray they’re trying to take.  There are 12 treats to complete!
  2. Once they steal the cookie or whatnot from her tray they then have to press the button on Greedy Granny’s chair to see if they actually got away with it.  So much stress!
  3. If you did get away with it, Granny will stay asleep (phew!)
  4. If you didn’t get away with it, Granny’s teeth fly out of her mouth and you lose.  Womp womp.
  5. The best part?  NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!

This is such a fun game with high suspense, but in a good way!

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