Finally There’s a Fingerlings Sloth Named Kingsley and We’re In Love

Because you wanna know what’s better than a Fingerlings monkey?  A Fingerlings Sloth.  SLOTH!!

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Oh hell yes!  Wowwee is at it again and this time they’re releasing the latest from their Fingerlings collection, “Kingsley the Sloth.”  If you’ve always wanted a sloth, um, like everyone does you’re finally in luck.  Well almost.  This Fingerlings Sloth is almost has hard to come by as the Fingerlings Unicorn and the Fingerlings Monkeys.  Yep, these little interactive toys are on everyones must-have Christmas list this year.  Do yourself a favor, get them while you can because once December rolls around it’s probably going to be an in-store brawl waiting to happen!

Here’s what we know about Kingsley the Baby Sloth as of now.  As with all Fingerlings, he’s as cute as a button. Perhaps the cutest of all of them, but we’ll let you decide.  He’ll grab right on to your fingers and hang out there as long as you want him to which, let’s be honest, is probably forever.  He makes all kinds of cute little sloth-like noises and sounds and he’ll even respond to touch and motion so he’s as interactive as they come.  Your kids will have a blast taking care of this little guy.

Speaking of responding to touch, Kinglsey will even blink his little eyes and even turn his head from side to side especially when you pet him, rock him to sleep (yes he sleeps, thank God), or even hold him upside down.  He’ll hang right from your kids finger!  Oh, and if you blow him a kiss he’ll actually kiss you back.  We are officially in love.  What we’re not in love with is how tough these guys are to get.  Bookmark this page because we’ll be constantly updating it with the best places online you can buy them and at the best prices.

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