These New Fingerlings ‘Untamed’ Dinosaur Raptors are Ferociously Cute

Where to Buy New Fingerling Dinosaurs 'Untamed' Raptors in United States 2018

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They’re baaaack!  The mad scientists (that we love) at WowWee are back and are debuting the latest to their ever-growing Fingerlings collection, Untamed.  That’s right.  We’re talking dinosaurs.  They’re basically robot-raptors for your fingers and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

For those of us that lived through the Fingerlings Monkey craze of Christmas 2017, we’ve rested, strategized, and are ready to tackle these cute, yet ferocious, dinosaurs in 2018.  Here’s everything that we know about the Untamed Fingerlings (so far):

  1. There are 4 different Untamed dinosaurs, each with their own unpredictable personalities.
  2. Their names are: Blaze, Fury, Razor, and Stealth.
  3. Similar to other Fingerlings they can hang on you finger and talk ‘dino talk’ to you, open and close their mouths, or hang upside-down from your fingers and get into all sorts of raptor-like hijinks.
  4. Each raptor has 40 different sounds and animations and responds to motion, touch, and sound.  Just don’t clap too loudly at them or they may bite your head off with their moving jaws and claws!
  5. The price of these must-have dinosaurs will retail for $14.99.
  6. You can pre-order them in Canada, Australia, and the UK now (at the time this was written: March 2018).
  7. Don’t fret America! These are coming to the United States in May 2018.
  8. You can try your luck to buy some now in the US here on eBay, but you’ll likely pay way too much.
  9.  UPDATE May 15, 2018:  These are now available here on Amazon for a decent price in the US.

One of the things we love best about the Untamed Fingerlings is that your kids (or, let’s face it, you) are going to be able to decide just how sweet or sour these raptors are.  Depending on how they’re interacting with them and taking care of them they’ll either be calm or angry, tamed, or untamed.  Personally, we can’t wait to see what they do when they’re untamed!

Here’s where you can pre-order and buy some of them now!

1.  Stealth the Green Untamed Raptor – Check Price & In Stock Status

Where to Buy Untamed Raptor: Stealth Green Dinosaur Fingerling

Pre-Order Option

2.  Razor the Purple Untamed Fingerling Dinosaur – Check Price & In Stock Status

Where to Buy Untamed Raptor: Razor Purple Dinosaur Fingerling

Pre-Order Option

3.  Fury the Blue Untamed Raptor – Check Price & In Stock Status

Where to Buy Untamed Raptor: Fury Blue Dinosaur Fingerling

Pre-Order Option

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4.  Blaze the Orange Fingerling Dinosaur Raptor – Check Price & In Stock Status

Where to Buy Untamed Raptor: Blaze Orange Dinosaur Fingerling 2018

Pre-Order Option