The Disney Frozen Ride-On Sleigh Makes Us Never Want to Let It Go This Christmas

Where to Buy Frozen Ride On Sleigh for Kids by Disney 2017 - Reviews for Walmart Frozen Sleigh On Sale Online 2018

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We can’t let it go, let it go…with Disney’s Frozen Ride On Sleigh.  That’s right, we’re adding all the puns!  Our fine friends over at Walmart just released their Top 25 Must-Have Toys for this Christmas and one of the biggest contenders of the list is the Frozen Ride On Sleigh.  It even made our Hot Toys of 2017 list too! As of right now, it’s actually exclusive to Walmart so beware if you’re purchasing it online anywhere else.

So what are the details on this little magical contraption?  Good question.  This ride on is perfect for any little kids aged between 3 to 7 years old.  They’ll love using their imaginations pretending they’re Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, or Hans as they ride this 12-volt sleigh wherever their dream destination may be. By the way, we’d totally be Olaf.  Duh.

They can start out with comfortable speeds of 2.5 MPH until they get used to being in the drivers seat and then as time goes on you can increase them to 5 MPH and, well, look out Arendelle!  The icy blue sleigh can go forward, in reverse, and has plenty of room for the driver and their favorite passenger.  Perfect for taking turns!

On top of the basic driving features, the Frozen Sleigh has cool graphics they’re sure to recognize, plays a Frozen tune on command, and even has flashing lights so everyone will see them coming.  Personally, we loved how the steering wheel is a giant light-up snowflake. What’s better than that?!

The only downfall is that this magical Disney sleigh will set you back about $298.  It’s not that bad considering other ride-on cars for kids can grab around $400.  And the timing is right since the original Frozen is landing on Broadway in 2018 and part 2 of the movie is supposed to hit theaters on November 29, 2019 (we’re not kidding) so they’ll be riding this sleigh for at least the next 2 years.  See?  Silver lining.

Disney Frozen’s Ride On 12 Volt Sleigh – Buy It Here For $298

Walmart's Disney Frozen 12 Volt Ride On Sleigh for Girls & Boys On Sale Online 2017 - 2018 Review

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In case you get stuck with Walmart being out of stock we did see it here on eBay but, you know, the price.

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