When Will Amanda Bynes Go to Skank?

When oh when will Amanda Bynes go to skank? Amanda Bynes has been everywhere lately promoting the new movie she’s in, Hairspray. Personally, I think the movie looks like a bad acid trip and will never see it, but I digress. Moving on, so Amanda is everywhere (pictured above on TRL the other day) and she’s the sticky sweet girl who never seems to do anything wrong. While most people probably see this as refreshing from the rest of the trash that runs around Hollywood, I’ve began to wonder, “when will Amanda Bynes go to skank?” I think we’re ready for it. It will definitely make her more interesting and if she did go to skank then that would increase the chances of me wanting to see her movies and/or watch her TV shows. Until then I am officially boycotting Amanda Bynes. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything. Wait, was that just a public service announcement? I think it was. Good day.
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