When Ugly Things Happen to Bad People

Poor Poshtoria. And by poor, I actually mean “rich.” Poshtoria is still wreaking havoc on her Elle Magazine photoshoot. She will do anything the get that cover, which includes scaring the holy-hell out of small children (and adult bloggers with a childs mentality). Now I know I’m still new to all this crap, but is this what they consider to be “high fashion?” If so, high fashion is stupid and I hate it. I never want to see high fashion again. As a side note, I’ve never used the word “high fashion” so many times before.

In other Poshtoria and/or Spice Skanks news, the famed “musical” group has leased out a Boeing 757 and have officially called it Spice Force One. Those tricky/creative little Spice Skanks! I think they should have called it: “Bulemia 757: Spices Give Me the Shits.” Now that has a ring to it!

Who Shot That Skank!?

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