When Email Attacks

Ah good times! I love when I get random emails from random people. Above is an email that I just got. I took out the name and company name to protect the retarded. You may have to click on the picture to really read it. Don’t blame me, I’m not good with the Interwebs. Anyway, my favorite line has to be, “….and since your site has a lot of content on Horses topics, I thought you would find this interesting.”

I may have referenced a horse or two in my Harriet Carter posts, but I don’t know if that actually makes me an expert on “Horses Topics.” By the way, what in the hell is “Horses Topics?” You know what, maybe I am an expert on Horses Topics. Forget the celebrity recaps. Forget the pop culture palooza. I’m going “Horses Topics” all the way! ImBringingHorsesTopicsBack!

When Email Attacks

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