When Did Kathy Ireland Morph?

Damn you time! Damn you straight to the fiery pits of hell! I remember having pictures of Kathy Ireland all over my bedroom wall and under my mattress of Kathy Ireland. We had a very serious relationship, she just didn’t know it (her lawyers did though). Moving on, fast forward what seems like 350 years later and I come across these recent photos of my dear Kathy Ireland and I wonder when she morphed into a cross between Meg Ryan and Maria Shriver. Luckily she’s more on the Meg Ryan side but it’s only a couple more osteoporosis pills away from Maria Shriver. It’s a dark day for me, a dark day.

Anyway, Kathy Ireland was doing some good deeds at the Miller Children’s Hospital by hosting a mentor day for 50 single teenage mothers and later was at Long Beach Memorial Hospital passing out Teddy Bears and toys to sick children. I decided not to add those pictures as the kids made me feel like a horrible person for making fun of Kathy Ireland getting old. I mean, I know I’m a horrible person, but when the pictures of the kids are up their eyes follow me like the eyes of Jesus on the cross. But…I digress.

When Did Kathy Ireland Morph?

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