When Did Kate Gosselin Turn Into “Sweet Dee” from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?



Remember that lion’s mane that Kate Gosselin had super-glued to her scalp for her big “makeover?”  Well, apparently she just cut her weave and wanted to show it off while heading to Butter in NYC the other day.  She looks better, but when in the holy hell did she turn herself into Sweet Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia?  And when this photo was taken on Friday (Feb 5th) NYC had a high of 25 degrees.  Where the hell is her coat??  Would she let any of her little brats outside the house without a coat in the winter?  Way to lead by example, Kate, way to lead by example.  That’s it, I’m suing for sole custody.  I think I have a good shot.

In other “Kate Gosselin is Ditching Her Kids” news, it is rumored that Kate will be co-hosting The View, again, on March 11th so, well, there’s that.  And that about wraps it up.  I miss It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Insert sidewards sad face here.

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