What’s Old is New!

I love that we live in a world where important people are given a second chance and by “important people” I actually mean “people of celebrity status.” What’s old is new. What was once a scandal is, again, a scandal. Bands are reuniting to make a buck. Old shows are back, but with a twist. A mother of Nicky and Alex is allowed to act again. Sports rivals are back fighting it out 20 years later. For me, all seems right with the world.

Bringing back 90210 really got me to thinking. We are at a point in our lives that people want to feel the comfort of their past. Clearly it was a simpler time. Oil prices weren’t that bad. Gas was about $1.00. We weren’t in a never ending war. The thought of terrorism seemed like something that happened overseas. China wasn’t poisoning our toys with lead. You get the point.

Seeing the Celtics and the Lakers in the NBA finals brings back memories of my dad buying his collectible Celtics drinking glasses with every tank of gas he bought at the Mobile station. We ended up with about 20 of them, which my mom hated but still let us use at every dinner because it made us happy. Watching NKOTB reuniting reminds me of a time when they took over my sister’s life and our only “real problems” were whose pool were we going to during summer vacation. Bill Clinton is, yet again, at the center of an alleged affair, but this time with Gina Gershon and I’d be ok with that because that seems like the worst of our problems. During his first affair me and my sister were figuring out which high-schools and colleges we were going to. That seperation was a bigger deal to me than a possible seperation of Bill and Hilary.

Aunt Becky, Donna Martin, and Kelli Taylor are all in the new 90210 and given a second chance at their acting life. All these people seemed so old to me when I was little and watching them on TV and now it seems as I’ve somehow caught up with them.

Salt n Pepa are back at it giving it the old college try. Meth somehow made Jodie Sweetin relevant again. Angela Bower has left the Bower Agency and is no longer forced to be in the Lifetime movie of the week. What’s old is new. What’s new is old. It’s like a perfect storm of pop culture history being brought back from the dead and placed back into mainstream America and I’m comfortable with that.

These people, bands, rivalries, scandals were all given another chance. Everyone deserves their second chance. For me, the message is to never give up because you never know when that door is going to reopen. Who knows, I could be still blogging another 20 years from now, but I will still be trying to knock down every door I come across. Hell, if Angela Bower can do it, so can I. If Jesse Spano can bounce back from Saved by the Bell and Showgirls, there’s hope for me. Thanks 90’s pop culture! You’re inspirational!

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