What’s My Name, What’s My Name

Seeing pictures of Kelly Rowland got me to thinking about a bunch of different things. First off, I thought about how much I missed Destiny’s Child singing about their fat asses, breaking their lease so they can’t move, it’s 11:30 and the party’s jumpin’ jumpin’, and singing no no no no no when it’s really yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. I realized that other members of Destiny’s Child on their own really bore me. To me, they’re kinda like a sober Lindsay Lohan. Pointless. Then I got to thinking how Kelly Rowland masters the spandex unitard, yes “unitard” without showing a glimpse of the cameltoe. That really disappoints me. Now if that was Beyonce in the unitard it would have been so tight I would have been able to tell what day of her period she was on. What?

Anyway, Kelly Rowland was “in concert” in London singing her greatest hits such as…..uh…and her other huge song…er….and then she closed with…umm. I would have been fine with her singing “Say My Name” on repeat. I miss Destiny’s Child. They better get their asses back in that recording studio. My iPod is missing them.

What’s My Name, What’s My Name

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