Welcome to the New IBBB. Take a Craptastic Look Around!


Hi all (and y’all),

Welcome to the new and exciting IBBB!  Ok, it’s new, but it’s not exciting.  Either way, this is the new home of ImBringingBloggingBack.  It even smells a little new.  Kinda like that new car smell that people pretend they like, but actually makes them sick.  Well, this site will hopefully make you sick.

I like to say that this site is “more please to the eye.”  It’s an industry term.  Here you’ll find the same crap that you found before, but with a few bells and whistles.  For example, you can click on the “share this” button at the bottom of each blog post and submit my brilliant stories to places like: Digg, Facebook, Yahoo! Buzz, StumbleUpon, Myspace, etc.  Wouldn’t you feel wonderful about yourself if you were submitting your favorite stories across the Interwebs?  Help me sell out, skanks!

Oh, and I get to do that “word cross-out” thing that some of the other blogs do that is insanely annoying, but I always thought was kinda funny is really joyous.  See what I did there?

Ok folks, so update your links to my site, tell your friends, update your bookmarks, update your myspace, update your facebook, write your local congressman and have a look around.

Luke-Warm Regards,


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