Was Nelly Furtado in Destiny’s Child?

Nelly Furtado has a new song out that I’m really like called, “Say it Right.” I mean I can’t really understand one word that she’s saying in it because it sounds like she’s grunting, but hey, that’s pretty hot. Anyway, after watching the video for the one-thousandth time I said to myself, “self, why does this video seem so familiar?” And then BAM! I figured it out. The video for “Say it Right” has some hint’s of the video “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child.Both videos have a little something I like to call “dance-move-freeze” in it.

Now, what is “dance-move-freeze” you ask? Great question. “Dance-move-freeze” is when you do some type of quick dance-move or motion to the beat of the song and then FREEZE! You move you hand a certain way to the beat of the song and then FREEZE. You look in the camera a certain way to the beat of the song and then FREEZE! While “Say My Name” is almost all “dance-move-freeze,” Say it Right definitely has it’s fair share of “dance move freeze” too from both Nelly Furtado and the back-up dancers. Was Nelly Furtado ever in Destiny’s Child? I’m doing the research as we speak/type.With all the “dance-move-freeze” going on I can almost hear that dance teacher chick from this seasons “Making the Band” yelling “Boom Cat, Boom Boom Cat” in the background of both videos. They should totally combine songs and videos and rename it “Say My Name Right.” Brilliant!

While this isn’t breaking news it does go to show one thing. I am a freakin’ genius. You have to wake up pretty early in the afternoon to pull one over on me, Nelly Furtado! I wonder how many other videos have “dance-move-freeze” in them? The great philosophers are pondering that right now.

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