Wanna Smell Like Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi is hopping on the “celebrity stank” bandwagon and will be launching his own cologne/aftershave line later this year. Bon Jovi has teamed up with cosmetic company “Coty Inc” to come up with his new scent. Personally, I think he should call it, “Feathered Hair Comb-Over” but that’s just my thought. I have a friend who is obsessed with Bon Jovi (Janine) so while this bit of news is for her I fear that I will have 10 bottles of this crap waiting for me under my Christmas tree this year.

At first I assumed that this was just an attempt for the rich to get richer, but at least portions of his sales will be donated to various charities throughout America. Hey, I’m charity. Give me some of that money, thanks.

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