So Walmart is Selling Twin Zuffin Hatchimals and We’re So Going

…or we’ll just buy it online.  Either way, here’s what we know about the new Hatchimals Surprise ‘Zuffin.’

What the Hatchimals Zuffin Looks Like 2017 - 2018

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Sometimes there’s a Hatchimal that we just, literally, have no idea what they’re supposed to be.  Sure some are easy, but this Zuffin has us stumped and not just because Walmart really has this one under lock and key until the release date.  Our guess is that it’s a mix between a Zebra and a Puffin.  A puffin is a bird with a brightly colored beak and wings and, well, we do know the new Hatchimals have wings.  And then a Zebra has stripes (duh!) and Spinmaster really likes to mix all the colors up to make creatures that appeal to almost any kid.

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The Zuffin is exclusive to Walmart and is slated to retail for $69.99.  That’s about $10-$20 more than what the original Hatchimals cost, but here’s why you’re going to pay a little more.  Zuffins are twins.  Oh that’s correct you heard that right. When you buy a Hatchimals Zuffin you’re also taking home a second little Zuffin brother or sister.  That explains why the egg is so much bigger than older ones.  Because clearly, you know what’s better than one Zuffin?  Two.  Good luck with having to hear your kids scream and cry when they can’t find the other twin.

So what else do we know about this little character?  Besides the fact that they’re twins, apparently they also like to dance (by themselves and with each other) and they can also talk a bit, but you or your kids have to teach them and care for them so they can start chatting up a babbling storm of Hatchimal-like words.  Can you imagine the insane conversations on Christmas morning?  And when your kids tire from playing with them (and, trust us, like everything else, they will) the Zuffin Twins will chat and interact with each other.  Perfect, now go to sleep and let’s call it a day.

Check back often to see where exactly you can buy these guys and gals.  In the meantime, here’s the deal at Walmart.

Update: Sept 18, 2017 ] The Zuffin is now available for Pre-Order at Walmart, exclusively!

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