Wait, The 90210 Spinoff is Called 90210?

Through the magic of Youtube, a clip has surfaced showing what the new 90210 spinoff is supposed to be all about. It legit starts with the 90210 theme song and that ridiculous handshake that old “90210 gang” used to do. I immediately feel inner peace inside and picture Andrea Zuckerman getting hit by that bus while walking home from school. That was a happier time. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this 90210 spinoff is going to be called 90210, which makes me a little disappointed. I was hoping it was going to be called, “I Hate You Both. Never Talk to Me Again!” But no luck. I wonder what Aaron Spelling thinks of this? I should dig up his grave, shake him, and wake him up and ask him. I assume he’s only sleeping and is trying to Punk us.
To be honest, the clip made me a little sleepy, but that’s probably because there weren’t any scenes yet with Ant Becky or Kelly Taylor, or that bitch Donna Martin. Maybe they should scrap this show and just show reruns of 90210 in it’s time slot. That would make me happy.
As long as they don’t make 90210 as retarded as Gossip Girl, I’ll be happy. I don’t care what people tell me, Gossip Girl sucks. Creating the new 90210 is like a detailed recipe. You need 1 cup of “The Hills,” a tablespoon of Laguna Beach, 2/3 cup of the original 90210, and then sprinkle a little Melrose Place all over the top of it. THIS is what makes a successful show. Just thought I’d share.
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