Victoria Beckham is a Fatass

This photo was taken of Poshtoria just the other night as she was leaving Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. Obviously she ate a ton, fatass. I mean, look at her? All I see if fat, fat, fat. Seriously, she’s like a stick, with boobs. She’s boobs on a stick.

Speaking of boobs it looks like Poshtoria may be rockin’ a bit of the ghost boobs. Good for her! What does make me a bit concerned is how she’s wearing her pants all the way up to her boobs. One of my great-aunts wore her pants up to her boobs, but that was after she had her stroke. Do you think Poshtoria had a stroke?

In even more interesting news, online gambling website ( has released betting odds that Poshtoria and David Beckham will be one of the first celebrity couples to break up in 2007, with 6 to 1 odds. Come on cherry, cherry, cherry!

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