Victoria Beckham Hugs Queen Latifah Like She Could Catch “Fat”

What a fun celebrity world is must be. Poshtoria and David Beckham were doing a little shopping (because clearly they don’t already have enough stuff) at the high-end “H Lorenzo” in West Hollywood when they ran into Queen Latifah. Poshtoria and Queen Latifah semi-awkwardly embraced. I seriously think that Poshtoria thought she could “catch fat” from Queen Latifah if she hugged her too tight. I mean, there was a study that just came out that said that obesity could be contagious. Maybe she heard about that? Perhaps she thought Latifah would break her in two. I think a firm hand-shake and a “ta” would have been enough for the British. Oh well, I continue to learn each and every day.

Who Shot That!?!

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