Victoria Beckham Does Ghetto Photoshoot

Now I’ve never really liked Poshtoria as she scares me and small children. However, after seeing these new photos of Poshtoria in her LA hotel I may have a new found respect for her. Poshtoria has someone take some very ghetto pictures of herself posted on her blog. Her blog you ask? Oh yeah, she has one too. I only say the photos are ghetto for two reasons: (1) They were taken with her mobile phone and (2) I take the same type of pictures and, clearly after viewing my blog now for the past 5-months you know I’m all about being ghetto. So now I’m scared because I feel like me and Poshtoria are sharing too much in common. Will I turn into a robot next? Am I already a robot? Zoinks Scoob!

In other Poshtoria news, allegedly she is pissed over the fact that she and David (yes I use proper English sometimes….sometimes) were taken off Liz Hurley’s wedding guest list. To make matter even worse, a random source as told The Sun that Victoria found out that Liz had been talking mad smack about Poshtoria behind her bony back in regards to her weight, her looks, and (even worse) her fashion shoots. Seriously? Who talks about someones fashion shoot? How would you even go about that?

So Vicky B (new nickname) decided to rise above all this and just not talk to her. That’ll teach her! Now, if Poshtoria can only give the United States the silent treatment we would be in a real win-win situation.
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