22 Fun AF Gifts Your Coworkers (and Maybe Even Your Boss) Wants this Christmas Season

You pretty much spend more time with your co-workers than you do with anyone else in your life.  And, well, now it’s time to give them a gift.  Ugh.

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers 2017 - Boss & Office Staff Gift Ideas 2018

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Anytime the holidays are approaching there’s always that one person or persons we totally forget about getting a gift for.  Your co-workers.  Yep, you guessed it.  You usually remember on your way to work when it’s your last day in the office before you take that week between Christmas and New Years off so you stop by a drive-up Dunkin Donuts and get them a gift card.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that (guilty as charged!), but sometimes it’s nice to put a little more though into the gift and get them something they’ll actually use.  Figuring out a gift that makes sense in your office is usually your best bet as opposed to trying to buy them clothes.  Imagine the horror?!  Shop from some of the best Christmas gifts for co-workers (or even your boss) this holiday season.

The Trendy Co-Worker Gift:  U Brands Rose Gold Desk Accessories – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Rose Gold Desk Accessories

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Because the office supplies everyone else has is boring AF.  Plus, who doesn’t want a rose-gold everything?!

The Lunch Buddy Co-Worker:  Reusable Stylish Lunch Bag – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Reusable Lunch Bag 2018

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Because you’re tired of seeing the same crinkled up brown paper bag day after day.  This one is reusable, waterproof, and you can even clean it.  Done and done.  When’s lunch!?

The Hoarding Co-Worker:  Portable USB Mini Desk Fridge – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: USB Can Cooler 2018

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Because we all have that one co-worker who saves their soda as a “treat” for later in the day.  Now they can keep it cold right at their desk.

The Dog Loving Co-Worker:  Shabby Chic Wooden Dog Desk Calendar – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Dog Desk Calendar 2018

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Because wall calendars are so 2016.

The Fun Co-Worker:  Mustard and Co Pink Pineapple Pen Holder – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Pink Pineapple Pen Holder 2018

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Because their desk will just look way better with a pink pineapple.  Plus, it comes in bright yellow too!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

The Co-Worker Who’s Really a Friend:  ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’ Golden Girls Inspired Mug – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Golden Girls Mug 2018

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Because any excuse to bond over The Golden Girls is always appreciated.

The Organized Co-Worker:  The 2018 ‘You’re Killing It’ Agenda/Planner – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: 2018 Planner

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Because everyone needs a little reassurance every now and then.  Why not start 2018 off on a positive note?

The Chic Co-Worker:  Hammered Copper Water Bottle – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Copper Water Bottle 2018

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Because if you can’t drink Moscow Mules at work, this is your next best bet.  Plus, if you’re having a happy hour, you’re all set.

The Thoughtful Co-Worker:  ‘Hustle’ Bound Journal – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Co-Workers or Boss 2017: Hustle Journal 2018

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Because it’s just another little friendly reminder.

The In-Sync Coworker:  Bob Ross Collectible Figure – Buy It Here

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas 2017: Bob Ross

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Because anyone would love to have a little Bob Ross figurine on their desk all day long.  Here’s such a happy little painter.

The Always Stressed Out Coworker:  Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag – Buy It Here

Funny White Elephant Gift Ideas 2017: Desk Punching Bag

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Simply place this mini punching bag on your desk and just start punching away.  It helps relieve some stress and, well, will just spark up some laughs.

The Father’s Day Must-Have For Dad

The Game Playing Coworker:  The Super-Mini Desktop Bowling Game – Buy It Here

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Because, yes, sometimes work is that boring and you need a little something to breath new life into your dull day.

The Drinking Buddy Coworker:  The Whiskey Wedge –  Buy It Here

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Don’t let your whiskey (or any drink for that matter) get watered down too quickly.  This ice slant will cool your drink without it tasting like you poured a ton of water into it.

The Coworker Who Gets It:  “World’s Okayest Employee” Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Because funny mugs are always in fashion and a great way to let your co-workers know that “Meh” you don’t really care.

The Motivated Coworker:  ‘Great Thought a Day’ Notepad – Buy It Here

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Now they can take notes and get motivated all at the same time.  This deskpad has 365 quotes to keep you inspired every single day.  And when work sucks, they’re going to need this!  Also comes in a variety of other options too.

The Christmas Vacation Obsessed Coworker:  Cousin Eddie Figurine – Buy It Here

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…and While We’re at It:  Clark Griswold ‘Christmas Vacation’ FunkoPop Figurine – Buy It Here

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Because you’re always both quoting endless lines from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.  #ShittersFull

The Candle Loving Coworker:  ‘Fresh Cut Christmas Tree’ Candle – Buy It Here

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This candle smells so good!  It’s 100% natural soy wax and hand-poured.  Keep the holiday season alive longer than your tree!

The Music Loving Coworker:  JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Speaker – Buy It Here

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Now they can bring their music with them wherever they go, like away from your desk.  It’s waterproof, bluetooth, and wireless and the price is shockingly low.

The Avocado Obsessed Coworker:  Avocado Christmas Tree Ornament – Buy It Here

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It’s glass blown and perfect for that somebody who always slows down the lunch order by asking for extra avocado.

The Pet Loving Coworker:  Gourmet Christmas Dog Treats –  Buy It Here

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The Moscow Mule Loving Coworker:  Set of 4 Copper Mugs – Buy It Here

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These solid copper Moscow Mule mugs come in a set of 4 and come with 4 wooden handcrafted coasters. Bottoms up!