15 Super Fun Pet Gifts For the Dog & Cat Lovers in Your Life

All the unique gift ideas for your favorite pets (hello dogs and cats!) and pet lovers in your life (hello people!).  Read on!

Pet Gifts for Dog & Cat Lovers 2018 - Funny Gifts for Pet Owners & Dogs for Christmas 2019

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How much more fun is it to buy gifts for your dog or cat than actual people?!  You know they’ll love whatever you get them and they’ll, most likely, never return them.  Unless you have one of those smart dogs that knows how to work a credit card and your Amazon Prime account.  Outside of your actual fluffy best friends, we’ve also rounded up some of the coolest and most unique gifts to get the pet people (hello cat and dog lovers!) in your life.  From cute fortune cookie cat nip to portable dog water bowls, funny dog-inspired t-shirts, and everything in between we’re putting together the ultimate pet gift list (so far) in 2018.

For the Funny Dogs:  Giant Tongue and Mustache Dog Toys – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog and Cat Tongue Toys

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Because they’re already so funny anyway, so why not up their comedy game with these oversized toys that give them a little extra personality (not that they need it).

For the Total Dog Lover Gift:  The ‘Weekends, Coffee, and Dogs’ T-Shirt – Check Price

Funny Dog Shirt for Dog Lovers gifts 2018 - 2019

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Because there’s nothing really better in the life than the weekend, some coffee and, of course, your dogs.  This comfy tee comes in a bunch of different colors for men and women like heather grey, black, slate, heather blue, and more.  It has a cool, comfy, and worn in look and feel.

For the Cat That Loves Takeout:  Fortune Cookie Cat Nip – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Cat Nip Fortune Cookies

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Because they love cat nip and you love fortune cookies so it’s a match made in heaven.  Each cute little cookie has it’s own funny fortune attached.  No MSG.

For the Cat Who’s Fly AF:  The Sneaker Shaped Cat Bed – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Cat Sneaker Bed

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Because he’s pretty fly for cat and totally sleeps in style.  This could fit a small dog too if, you know, they can handle these sweet kicks.

For the Dog Who Loves Deliveries:  The Barkbox Monthly Subscription Box – Check Price

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Hey you love your monthly subscription box so why wouldn’t your fury little friend?!  Via Barkbox they’ll receive at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all natural bags of treats, and a chew!  Each month is a different themed box so one month they’ll be getting New York City inspired things and the next could be a safari or throwback Thursday theme!  Super cute.

For the Dog on the Go:  Dog Bowl Water Bottle – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Water Bottle Bowl 2019

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Because your best pal gets thirsty on those walks just like you do.  This allows them to take a little drink from your water bottle the easy (and classier) way.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

For the Dog & Cat (and Wine) Lovers:  Cute Pet Magnetic Wine Charms – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Wine Charms

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Because drinking wine is just plain old fun and so are these dog and cat wine charms.  You’ll always know which glass is yours at the party.  I call the yellow lab!

For the Inspirational Dog Lover:  ‘Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are’ Tee – Buy It Here

2018 Gift For Dog Lover: Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are T-Shirt 2019

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Because we should all be exactly the person our dog thinks we are, which is perfect!  This tee comes in a bunch of other colors too.

For the Pet Stalkers:  Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker (for Dogs or Cats) – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Tracker

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Because it’s important you always know where your little fury friends are (and you can spy on them).  It can pinpoint your pets location anywhere in the US.  Safety first!

For the Cat Who Loves to Check Email:  The Laptop Cat Scratchpad  – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Cat Scratchpad Laptop

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Because your cat always sees you on your laptop so it’s only fair they get to check Facebook and email on their own too!  They’ll love scratching away at all hours of the day.

For the Dog Lover Who Loves Breakfast:  The Cute Dog Egg Mold – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Egg Mold

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Because doggy eggs are the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.  It makes the perfect gift for any obsessive dog lover in your life.  They have some cat ones too!

For the Unicorn Obsessed Pup – The Unicorn Pet Sweater – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Unicorn Sweater

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Because you love when your pup dresses up (even if they don’t) so why not make them wear a magical rainbow unicorn sweater with unicorn horn!

For the Dog Lover Who Loves Coffee:  The ‘I Prefer Dogs Over People’ Coffee Mug – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Coffee Mug

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Because the truth is on the coffee mug.

For the Sentimental Dog Lover Gift:  The Personalized Custom Painted Pet Portrait – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Pet Portraits

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Because this is such a cool way to show your love and pride for your special furry mate.

For the Funny Dog Lover:  The ‘Bad Dog’ Drinking Tumbler Glasses – Check Price

Best Pet Gifts 2018: Dog Drinking Glasses

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Because your dog can be such a jerk, but you love them anyway.  Enjoy some beers and whatnot in these cool glasses!

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The 4th of July 'Merica' T-Shirt -  Buy It Here

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