9 Fast Ways to Gift the Runners In Your Life This Season

Can we all agree that runners are some of the best people in the world?  Here are a bunch of cool gift options for the runners in your life.

Best Gifts for Runners 2018 - Unique & Funny Runner Gift Ideas 2019

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So many people are so tricky to find gifts for.  What are they into?  What will they use?  What do they need?  Runners, on the other hand are surprisingly easy to shop for.  First off, you know exactly what they like to do and, because of that, you pretty much know what they need.  If you’re thinking of just gifting them a pair of sneakers, think again.  These days runners are all about freedom on the open road, keeping themselves safe, and they really want to show how proud they are of not only being a runner, but committing to their physical and mental health.  For real, we just run because we want to eat pizza and we don’t want to be crazy.  Just us?  Check out some of the best and most unique gifts for runners (so far) in 2018:

For the Runner Who Loves Their Music:  The Bose Truly Wireless Earbuds – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Bose Truly Wireless Earbuds 2019

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Because what runner (or anyone for that matter) actually wants wires on their ‘wireless’ earbuds?  These little beauties from Bose are truly wireless sport headphones that have up to 10-hours of fully-charged play time, are actually pretty comfortable, and come in a variety of cool colors.  And, uh, the best part is that they have a “Find My Buds” feature that’ll locate them for you when you misplace them (like at the bottom of your gym bag, at your friends house, or that one time you dropped it in the park on your morning run).  Awesome!

For the Love/Hate Runner:  The ‘I Love Running/I Hate Running’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Runner Gift 2018: I Love Running I Hate Running T-Shirt 2019

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Because, let’s be honest, they love running but they totally hate it all at the same time.  We’re completely with you.  It’s just part of the sport.  This tee, perfect to go for a run in, comes in navy blue, black, light blue, and heather grey options.

For the Night Runner:  The Night-Runner Sneaker Headlights – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Sneaker Headlights

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Because running at night can be bumpy!  These little lamps simply clip onto your favorite pair of running shoes and give you 270 degrees of light-up coverage.  Designed by a Boston Marathon runner and designer, how can you go wrong?!  We say everyone should have lights on their shoes even if they don’t run!

For the Tech Obsessed Runner:  The Adidas + Fitbit  Ionic Fitness Tracker – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Adidas Fitbit Fitness Tracker

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Because it’s about time you have a Fitbit that actually looks stylish AF!  This partnership between Fitbit and Adidas is the thing dreams are made of.  Now you can play and store up to 300 songs, download playlists from Pandora, track your sleep and track your runs (and so, so, so much more).  Plus the average battery life is over 4 days on a full charge.  It’s a runners dream come true.

For the Dapper Runner:  The Runner’s High Navy Blue Tie – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Runners Tie for Men 2019

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Because if they have to wear a tie, they might as well sport a tie with little runners embroidered on it all with different color kicks.  It’s like being an adult without actually having to be one.

The Safe Runners Gift:  Higo LED Snap-Around Armband Light – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Higo LED Light Up Arm Band

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Because it’s better to run safe, than sorry.  These neon armbands are like snap-bracelets and come in up to six different colors.  Plus, you can also snap it onto your wrist or ankle and make it super easy for everyone (hello drivers and bikers!) to see you, especially when you’re on a run at night, first thing in the morning, or just that oddly cloudy and gloomy day.

The Absolute MUST Runners Gift:  The TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller in Black & Neon Yellow – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Grid Foam Roller in Black

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Because if you’re a runner you must have a foam roller.  It really makes all the different to your legs, butt, back, and more.  This one comes in a variety of colors and is the brand trusted by the pros like physical therapists, athletic trainers, massage therapists and more.  Get that circulation going, get the kinks out, recover faster, and have a better run overall.

For the Indoor Runner:  The Weslo Cadence Treadmill – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Runners 2018: Cheap Treadmill

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Because if you’re not in the mood to run outside (hello winter!) you can still get your run in indoors without breaking the bank.  This treadmill is pretty cheap, has a super high rating on Amazon, and over 3,400 customer reviews.  Plus, it’s a total space-saver because you can fold it up and roll it out of sight.

The Marathon Runner’s Gift:  The Hand-Drawn Boston Marathon Map – Buy It Here

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Because it’s really one of the most popular and iconic marathons in the world.  This hand-drawn map is wicked cool and perfect for any runner who wants to relive their run or gain a little inspiration.