18 Unique Gifts for Grandparents All Grandmothers and Grandfathers Want This Year

Unique Gifts for Grandparents 2018 - Grandfather & Grandmother Birthday Gifts from Grandkids or Adults

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What do you get the grandparent who really already has everything?  If you’re facing that dilemma, there’s only one way to go this year and that’s ‘unique!’  If you’re not going to go the clothing route because, let’s face it, who can really buy clothes for someone else that they don’t immediately return, it’s time to get creative.  We’ve compiled some of the coolest and most unique gifts for grandparents for this year.  From traditional journals, to little slices of nostalgia, and even a little modern technology, we’ve got all your gift ideas covered.

1. The Experienced Grandparent Gift:  A Grandparent’s Journal  – Buy It Here For $30

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Grandmother or Grandfather Journal 2018

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The perfect gift for the grandmother or grandfather who wants to jot down their life experiences to share with the rest of the family so they can always get their sage advice.

2.  The Old-Timey Grandparent Gift:  Crosley Radio Retro “Pay Phone” Wall Phone – Buy It Here For $66

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Retro Working Payphone

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Super fun and nostalgic, this working phone also has a function coin slot and bank to collect the money if you want to actually pay for your call just like the old days.  If not, it still works as a functioning phone.  It also comes in pink and red!

3.  The Sweet-Toothed Grandparent Gift:  Charbonnel et Walker Milk Chocolate Truffles – Buy It Here For $30

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Chocolate Truffels

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Because you really can’t go wrong with candy!  And they’ll love these fancy truffles at a really decent price.  Check out the other flavors and options they have there too.

4.  The Hip Grandparent Gift:  A Personalized Cartoon-Like Family Portrait – Buy It Here

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Personalized Family Portrait 2018

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So cool and fun!  This personalized artwork of the whole family is something they’ll be super proud to display.

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5.  The Storytelling Grandparent Gift:  “My Life Story…So Far” – Buy It Here For $30

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: My Life So Far 2018

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What a really cool way for them to write down all the wonderful stories from their life.  And what a great way to pass that down generation after generation.

6. The Grandma Inspired Gift:  The Mom ‘Squared’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Mother's Day T-Shirt for Mom 2018

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She’s your grandmother so, technically, she’s a Mom ‘squared.’  Or a Mom x 2.  You decide!

7.  The Gaming-Playing Grandparent:  Grandchild & Grandparent Activity Game Set – Buy It Here For $38

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Grandchild to Grandparent Gift Idea

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Super fun activities and little game-lets that both the grandkid and grandparent can play to pass the time, learn more about each other, have some fun and more!

8.  The Zen Grandparent Gift:  Tea Drops Large Assortment Tea Gift Set – Buy It Here For $34

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Tea Drop Gift Set for Christmas 2018

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Perfect for anyone who loves to sip some tea and relax (um, all of us!).  This gift is packaged in a keepsake wooden box, comes with five best-selling, organic pressed-leaf teas that quickly dissolve in your cup for you to enjoy right away!

9.  The Funny Grandparent Gift:  “The Neighbors Have Better Stuff” Doormat – Buy It Here For $50

Gifts For Grandparents 2017: Funny Door Mat

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10.  The Tech-Obsessed Grandparent Gift:  The Amazon Echo Show in White – Buy It Here

Best New Tech Gifts 2017: New Echo Show in White

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Totally new for the 2018 shopping season, the Echo Show does just that; show!  Perfect for grandparents to make calls to their grandkids (or anyone really) and see and hear them.

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The 4th of July 'Merica' T-Shirt -  Buy It Here

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11.  The Meaningful Grandparent Gift:  The Patchwork Memory Bear – Buy It Here

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If they don’t have time to make an entire quilt, this cute little bear is perfect for them.  This little bear is made up entirely of your clothes (or your kids clothes, grandkids clothes, niece or nephews clothes, and more).  Simply send them in the package back to the company (in the pre-addressed bag) and in a few weeks you’ll receive your very own little bear quilted in your clothes. How cute!

12.  The Grandparents Who Have a Story:  23andMe ‘Ancestry’ DNA Kit – Buy It Here

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We’re digging this at-home DNA kit.  You basically take a swab of the inside of your mouth, send it back to the company, and in 6 to 8 weeks they’ll let you know exactly where you came from and could even possibly get you in touch with other relatives too.  Discover the breakdown of your heritage and know just where you come from.

13.  The Grandparents Who Love to Be Remembered:  Fresh Flowers Delivered Every Month (at your choice)  – Buy It Here

Hot Christmas Gift for Wife 2017: Flowers Every Month 2018

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These are some of the best flowers you’ll find online and now you can send it to your favorite grandparents monthly, yearly, or a variety of other options. It’ll put a smile on their face whenever they get delivered!

14.  The Grandparents Trying to Cook Healthy:  The Philips Airfryer – Buy It Here

Best New Tech Gifts 2017: Philips AirFryer in White 2018

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If they love fried food, but are trying to stay on the healthier side this is the kitchen gadget for them. They can enjoy fried chicken, french fries, and a variety of their other favorite foods that can now be cooked with air and without oil.  #Technology

15.  The Grandparents Who Love “Their Shows”  Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Control & Interaction – Buy It Here

Best Tech Gifts 2016: Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice 2017

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Now they can easily and quickly stream their favorite shows any time they want!  With over 7,000 apps, games, and Alexa skills they’ll be able to stream all their favorite shows from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Youtube, ESPN, ABC and more.

16.  The Gamer Grandparent:  Large Scrabble Coffee Mug – Buy It Here

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Because who doesn’t love Scrabble?  Especially grandparents!  This cute Scrabble coffee mug is microwave safe and ready for endless cups of coffee.

17.  The Cooking Grandparent:  ‘Cooking For Jeffrey’ Cookbook by Ina Garten – Buy It Here

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Another best-seller from the barefoot contessa, Ina Garten is back at it in this killer cookbook.  They’ll love to try out each and every one of her delicious recipes.  Maybe they’ll even make a little something for you!

18.  The Cleaning Grandparents:  iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum – Buy It Here

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Perfect for the grandparents who may have a bit of a hard time getting around or, hey, just don’t feel like vacuuming themselves!  This robot vacuum can be programmed via an app while they’re away from the home or even while they’re sitting there watching TV.

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