Uh Kristi Yamaguchi Can We Rethink This?

Hey there, Kristi Yamaguchi. So, um, congrats on your Dancing With the Stars win last week. Yeah, it opens up a lot of doors for you so that’s, er, great! Can I ask you for a quick favor though? Yeah, so um, would you mind slowly putting down that green flag? I know you’ve been asked to be there and start the 92 Indie 500 and all, but well…so how do I say this? Ok here it goes. Um, as a “people” I don’t think you guys have the best track records in regards to your driving abilities and, so, you’re making me a little nervous starting this race. Oh, and the race is behind you. No no that’s ok. Common mistake. Now put down that flag, come on down the stairs, and perhaps pick up a camera or something. Thanks for your cooperation Kristi.
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