Ugly Betty: What? I Don’t Get It

So, as you know not everything I blog about here is breaking news, but sometimes just things that I’m thinking about. Sometimes it’s an “open letter” and sometimes it’s just random ramblings. Today, it’s random ramblings.

So what’s up with Ugly Betty? I don’t get it really. I mean, I also haven’t watched a single episode, but it seems like every time I turn around there’s a commercial about Ugly Betty or there’s some entertainment show turning someone into an “Ugly Betty.” Even though she’s ugly is she supposed to be cute or charming or something? Girls that I used to know who looked like this didn’t have their first date until they were 20 and are still waiting to have sex for the first time. Yet, America seems to be in love with this chick. I still don’t get it.

Why on every entertainment news show are they turing their correspondents into “Ugly Betty’s?” What’s the point of this? I’ve seen Maria Menounos, Vanessa Minnillo, and Willa Ford all turned into “Ugly Betty’s.” Then they send them out onto the street with a hidden camera to see how people treat them. Let me save everyone a little bit of time. No one is ever nice to these people when they’re ugly. It’s just a part of life so let’s deal with it. When these “Ugly Betty’s” go back to the entertainment news room everyone seems shocked when they watch the video of people not helping these ugly people. Shocked, really? I’m not. I don’t help ugly people either. They scare me.

Anyway, people seem to love Ugly Betty. I wonder how long this will last. I mean, Baywatch lasted like 15 years and there were no ugly people on that show. I predict by season 2, Ugly Betty gets an Extreme Makeover which will include, liposuction, eyebrow lift, breast augmentation, chin implant, unibrow removal, and 12 porcelain DiVinci veneers. The show will be canceled by season 3. Who’s with me?
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