Trump to Miss USA: To the Left, To the Left!

All of a sudden a little “coke” is a bad thing? Apparently Donald Trump thinks so and after it’s been reported that current Miss USA, Tara Connor, has tested positive for cocaine and has been sneaking dudes into her Trump apartment, which I guess is frowned upon.

TMZ has reported that the doorman for the Trump building as said that, “She does not live here anymore…and is not allowed on Trump property.” He also didn’t think that this was her choice. Uh yeah, Mr Doorman? I kinda think you will be fired next for blabbing to the paparazzi. Anyway, she should be “decrowned” soon…very soon.

Here’s the way that I think it went down and what Donald Trump said to Miss USA:

To the left, to the left,
Everything you own and your box to the left.
In the closet that’s my rug,
Yes if I bought it, Miss USA please don’t touch.
And keep snorting that coke, that’s fine,
But could you snort and walk at the same time,
And it’s my name that’s on this pad,
So remove your bags, let me call you cab (sponsored by Yahoo!)
You must not know ’bout me, you must not know ’bout me,
The Apprentice on NBC.

Clearly, not as funny as my live Donald Trump impression, but you get the point.
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