The 57 Birthday Gifts Perfect For Your Boyfriend or Husband

Choosing a gift for him this year has never been easier.  Ok, it’s tough.  But we’ve selected some of the best gift ideas for all the men in your life!

Best Birthday Gifts for Men 2018 - Gift Ideas for Husband, Boyfriend, Him

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Stumped on when to gift the men for their birthday?  You’re not alone.  If the guy you know has everything it just might be time for a gift upgrade.  One of the best things about gifting for someone else is that they’ll typically never buy any of this stuff for themselves, so it’s a great way to sneak in what you really want them wearing or trying out to help ‘better’ themselves. From classic gifts that would be perfect for your husband, to fun ideas that will make your boyfriend happy (and totally owe you), and innovative gift-set options that are total son or just plain old ‘friend’ pleasers, we’ve selected some of the best gifts for the men in your life this 2018 shopping season.  Go! Go! Go!

Best Birthday Gift For Him in 2018:  Birchbox Monthly Subscription Box – Buy It Here For $10/month

Christmas Gifts for Him 2017: Birchbox Man

Check Price

Because he’s still like a good and, of course, wants something delivered to him each and every month.

For the Cologne Loving Man:  Scentbird Monthly Cologne Subscription Box –Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2017: Scentbird Cologne for Him 2018 Gift Idea

Check Price

Because he can test out a new cologne each and every month from over 100 popular cologne brands.

For the Forgetful Guy:  The Tile Key & Phone Finder – Buy It Here

Best New Tech Gifts 2017: Tile Keys Finder 2018

Check Price

Because he loses his keys and his phone all the live-long-day and now can easily find them!

For the Cologne Obsessed Dad :  Dior ‘Sauvage’ Cologne – Buy It Here

Best Brother Gifts 2018: Sauvage Cologne

Check Price

Because he could smell a little bit better, right?  Dior ‘Sauvage’ cologne is (so far) one of the best-sellers this year and smells like a relaxing vacation in a bottle.  Perfect for this time of year!

The Real-Life Dad Gift:  The ‘Dad Bod’ T-Shirt in Dark Heather Grey – Buy It Here

Check Price

Now he can finally take pride in his classic dad body with the ultimate ‘Dad Bod’ t-shirt.  It’s good for a laugh and, to he honest, it’s good to hang around in too!  The print is a total worn-in, distressed, vintage look which just helps it stand out from the crowd.  This one also comes in midnight black, navy blue, slate grey, and light heather grey.  Perfect for Father’s Day, his birthday, or just an ‘any day’ gift.

The Plant Loving Dude:  The ‘Bob Ross’ Chia Pet – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because who doesn’t love Bob Ross?!  Now instead of painting one of his ‘happy little trees’ you can grow a happy little Bob Ross tree!

The Ultimate Shaving Man: The Dollar Shave Club Subscription Gift Box – Buy It Here

Dollar Shave Club Review 2017: Best Selling Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men 2018

Check Price

Because he’ll get to be in control over the amount of razors and grooming products he receives each month and it’s a great way to test out different brands and see what you like best and what works best with your beard.

For the Health Nut:  The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker –  Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2017: Fit Bit Alta For Him 2018

Check Price

Because he’s always running around anyway, why not track his health and sleep patterns?

The Kept Man:  Classic Grey Shower Robe – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because he actually does want a super comfy and absorbent bathrobe for when he gets out of the shower.

For the Protective Guy:  The ‘Papa Bear’ Comfy T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Check Price

Check this  t-shirt comes in a bunch of different color options too like heather grey, navy, white, heather blue, and more!

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The Smart-Home Loving Guy:  The Ring Video Doorbell Pro – Check Price

Check Price

Amazon recently bought the Ring company so you know you’ll be seeing these everywhere.  This 2-way video doorbell allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone who ‘rings’ your doorbell via your smartphone or computer.  It’s 1080p HD quality video and will still work in 5 below to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

 The Summer-Ready Guy:  Vineyard Vines ‘Surf-Lodge’ Bathing Suit in Red Stripes – Check Price

Check Price

This 9-inch seam bathing suit is perfect for guys who want more of the board shorts look and feel than skimpy pair of swim trunks.  These will dry super fast and leave plenty of room for movement so you’re good to go at the beach throwing the football around, playing frisbee, or just plain old acting like an animal in the water.  While these are in red, they also come in blue too!

For the Outdoorsy Dad:  The Yeti ‘Tundra 65’ Large Cooler in Ice Blue – Check Price

Best Yeti Cooler 2018: Large Yeti Tundra 65 in Ice Blue

Check Price

This is the ‘original’ Yeti cooler where it all started!  Not only is it large enough to hold all your food and drinks, it’s bear-resistant (for real), it has a cold-lock where actually blocks out the eat and keeps in the cold, and it comes in ice blue, desert tan, and classic white. He’s had this Yeti on his wish-list for so long.  Make his dreams come true!

The Money Man:  Shinola Slim Bifold Wallet – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2016: Shinola Wallet 2017

Check Price

Because his old wallet is busted at the seams and, well, it’s clearly time for an upgrade.  This on-trend wallet also comes in traditional black, bourbon, and ocean. Hey, maybe he’ll even give you a little bit of that money he puts inside!

The Cool Man – Black Wayfarer-Inspired Sunglasses – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because he still looks great in black sunglasses.  Plus, he totally broke his old pair.  Upgrade time!

The Lazy Lawn Guy:  The ‘Worx’ Pre-Programmed Robot Lawn Mower – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because now a robot can actually cut your lawn and you can sit and watch it while having a beer!  Plus, this is one of the more affordable ones we’ve seen.

The Best Dad:  The ‘Best. Dad. Ever.’ T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Best Dad Ever Shirt for Dad 2018 - 2019

Check Price

Seriously, your dad really is the best.  He’ll wear this one with pride!

For the Clean Shaven Man:  Braun Series 9 Latest Wet/Dry Electric Shaver System – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2017: Braun Electric Shaver 2018

Check Price

Because he’ll basically get the shave of the future.

The Tech Savvy Man:  Amazon’s New Echo Show – Buy It Here

Gifts for Him 2017: Amazon Echo Show Review 2018 Christmas for Men

Check Price

The latest from Amazon (genuflect).  Introducing the “Echo Show.”  It has all the magic of the regular echo, but this one “shows” you things instead of just robotically telling you.  A “must-have” this season.

For the Curious Guy:  23andMe ‘Ancestry’ DNA Kit – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because you really want to know where he comes from too!  Is Mars an option?  We’re digging this at-home DNA kit.  You basically take a swab of the inside of your mouth, send it back to the company, and in weeks they’ll let you know exactly where you came from and could even possibly get you in touch with other relatives too.

The Ultimate Bachelor Chef:  The ’45 Second Omelet Maker’ – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because this stoneware clay dish will make an omelet for you in just 45 seconds and it won’t taste like rubber or plastic.  Healthy and speedy eating on the go!

For the Whiskey Drinking Dude:  The Whiskey Wedge + Glass – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because you want your whiskey somewhat cold, but not watered down.  This whiskey ice wedge/glass is exactly what any serious whiskey drinker needs in their life.

The Scented Man:  Spicebomb by ViktoRolf Gift  – Buy It Here

Spicebomb Cologne for Men Valentines Day 2018

Check Price

Because he should smell great while at home and on the go.  Still one of the most popular scents for men year after year, Spicebomb is the perfect gift for him in 2018.

The Father’s Day Must-Have For Dad!

For the TV Watching Boyfriend:  Best-Selling Fire TV Stick with Alexa – Buy It Here

Best Tech Gifts 2016: Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice 2017

Check Price

Because all his favorite shows are just a quick click away.

For the Drinking Man:  The Hydro Flask Pint Glass – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because it’ll always keep his drink chilled and at the perfect temperature up until the very last drop.  For real.  It also comes in other cool colors like black, navy, green, white, silver, grey, orange, and so many more!

For the Music Man:  Bose Soundlink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here


Check Price

The best portable water-resistant wireless speaker on the market right now!  It has 12-hours of battery life and bluetooth compatibility so you can pair it with your smartphone too. Plus, find ways to save at Amazon with these secret promo code sales!

 The Funny Donut Loving Dude:  “I ‘Donut’ Care” Men’s T-Shirt in White – Check Price

Check Price

Because we love donuts and we don’t really give AF about anything else.  Check it out in other cool colors like blue, yellow, grey, and light pink.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

For the Traveling Drinking Man:  Moscow Mule Carry-On Flight Kit – Buy It Here

Gifts for Husband: Carry On Moscow Mule Kit 2017 - 2018

Check Price

Because he can make his own cocktail on his flight, thank you very much. This cocktail kit comes with everything he needs to make his very own Moscow Mule on his next flight (and at TSA-approved sizes).  Wheels up and bottoms up!

The Phone Man:  Hex Focus iPhone 7 Case in Black / Grey Stripe Canvas – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2016: iPhone 7 Case 2017

Check Price

Because it protects and looks good all at the same time.

The Snoring Mans Gift:  Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Solution (Oprah’s Favorite Things List)  – Buy It Here 

Check Price

It’s on ‘Oprah’s Favorite Things’ gift list for 2017 so you know it’s gotta be great!  If he snores (or if you snore) this is the perfect gift.  This quiet contraption actually detects the very early sounds and signals of you about to snore and then gently stops you.  You really have to see how this thing works. Insanity.  Check it out here.

The Comfort Man:  UGG ‘Ascot’ Leather Slippers – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2016: UGG Slippers 2017

Check Price

Because leather slippers are still all the rage.

For the Wireless Guy:  BeatsX Wireless Headphones – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because who doesn’t love all things Beats?! These wireless headphones will give you 8-hours of battery life so you won’t have to recharge all the time.  If you needed a quick-charge, a 5-minute charge will give you up to 2-hours when on low battery. You can listen to your favorite tunes, take calls, and more.  It also comes in other cool colors like black, white, gold, blue, and silver.

The Shaving Man:  The Art of Shaving Gift Set – Buy It Here

Christmas Gifts for Men 2016: The Art Of Shaving Kit 2017

Check Price

Because he needs a little help in the grooming department.  This killer shaving kit comes with luxury shaving cream, soothing lavender after-shave balm, and essential pre-shave oil.  Plus a barbershop approved shaving cream brush!  He’ll love it.

The Father’s Day Must-Have For Dad

For the Supportive Man:  The ‘Feminist’ Inspired T-Shirt – Buy It Here

Check Price

Let him show his feminist pride (and you show your support for him) with this on-trend distressed “FEMINIST” t-shirt.  This one is in dark heather grey, but they also come in baby blue, grass green, light heather, and pink.  Plus, there are even t-shirt sizes and cuts for women and kids too.  He’s man enough to handle this!

The Questioning Tech Man:  New Amazon Echo 2 – Buy It Here

Check Price

It’s new, half the size as the original, and sleeker looking than ever!  The Echo 2 has better sound the the original and many more features.  If you want the larger-sized Echo, you can get the new one here!

The Scented Man:  Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Him 2017: Jo Malone Cologne for Men

Check Price

Because having more than one cologne is more than acceptable.

For the Guy Who Needs a Pants Upgrade:  Slim-Fit Stretch Washed Chinos in Grey – Buy It Here

Best Mens Chino Pants 2017: Grey Slim Fit Khaki Chinos 2018

Check Price

The Tech Obsessed Guy:  All New Echo Spot – Buy It Here

Check Price

The latest from Amazon!  We love how this handsfree device can fit pretty much anywhere in your home. Use 2nd generation far-field voice recognition to watch video flash briefings, see music lyrics, weather forecasts, recipes, to-do, shopping lists, face-to-face calls, and a ton more!

The Ultimate Sandwich Loving Man:  Famous Katz’s Deli Sandwiches Delivered AnywhereBuy It Here

Check Price

How insane is this?  Everyone who goes to NYC always stops by Katz’s Deli for ginormous sandwiches and soups.  Well now you can order a set of sandwiches and have it delivered to you almost anywhere in the US.  This is something he has to try at least once.  Choose from a variety of different meal options, but our favorite was the one that came with:  1lb of pastrami and corned beef, NY deli rye bread and mustard, matzoh ball soup, sour pickles, and chocolate babka.  We. Are. Done.

The Gamers Guy:  New Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Red Joy-Controllers – Buy It Here

Best Toys 2017: New Nintendo Switch Gaming Console Package 2018

Check Price

The Nintendo video console everyone has been buzzing about.  He can play this one alone via your television, on the console it_blank, in different rooms, or just take it on the go and play wherever.  Or he can play with you which, yes, you’ll be actually enjoy too!

The ‘Ask Your Mother’ Shirt – Buy It Here

Ask Your Mother T-Shirt for Dads 2018 - 2019

Check Price

For the Star Wars Guy: Official Star Wars Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here

Best Gift for Boyfriend 2017: Star Wars Death Star Levitating Bluetooth Speaker 2018

Check Price

Um, because it levitates (!), it’s Star Wars (!), and it’s a portable wireless bluetooth speaker (!).  We’ve just found all his favorite things wrapped into one gift.

For the Food Man:  ‘The Good Hurt Fuego’ Hot Sauce Sampler Gift Set – Buy It Here

Check Price

We have 4-words for you:  Hot Sauce on Everything.  He’ll love this sample pack of 7 killer hot sauces from all around the world. These hot sauces range from delicious and mild to blazing hot.  He’s ready to take the challenge.

For The Business Casual Guy:  The ‘Some Super Heroes Don’t Have Capes’ Shirt – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because your dad really is a total super hero!  Sometimes you just have to remind him!

For the Grill-Master Man:  Weber Genesis II Propane Grill in Black – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because he’s needed a new grill for the longest time.    This grill has porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates and a tuck-away warming rack so they can have everything ready at the same time.  Plus, Weber’s new “Grease Management System” helps to reduce the risk of dangerous flare-ups and makes moving excess grease a breeze!

For the Sneaker Obsessed:  Comme des Garcons ‘Hidden Heart’ Chuck Taylors – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Him 2017: Chucks

Check Price

Because his kicks need to step it up a notch.

For the Beer Brewing Guy:  Pico Pro Craft Beer Brewing Home Appliance – Buy It Here

Gifts For Him: At Home Beer Brewing Appliance 2017 - 2018

Check Price

Because he can now make beer at home like a champ!

For the Adventure Man: The New GoPro Hero6  – Check Price

GoPro Hero6 Tech Gift Idea 2018 - 2019

Check Price

Because his life is an adventure and should totally be documented.

The Kitchen Obsessed Guy:  Ninja Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer – Buy It Here

Check Price

Yes I’m sure people are eye-rolling a gift that’s an appliance but, no, for real he’ll love this.  And so will you.  This Ninja kitchen system can legit do everything:  crushes ice, make frozen drinks, shakes, ice cream, snow cones, soups, purees, dough, juices and also acts as a spiralizer so you can make fruit and vegetables into noodles.  Seriously, what can’t this kitchen companion do?!

The Boot Obsessed Guy:  Water Resistant Wingtip Boots for Men in Brown – Buy It Here

Mens Wingtips 2017: Allen Edmonds Wingtip Boots 2018

Check Price

The Fitness Guy:  S’Well ‘Wooden’ Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Buy It Here

Check Price

The Guy on the Go:  Filson ‘Original’ Classic Canvas Briefcase in Tan – Buy It Here

Best Briefcases for Men 2017: Classic Tan Men's Canvas Briefcase 2018

Check Price

Because it’s perfect to hold all the stuff he needs when heading in or out of the office.  Plus, it doesn’t look like a purse.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Cold Brew Dude:  Asobru Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Carafe – Buy It Here

Check Price

Who doesn’t love cold brew coffee?  Now he can make it on the go and drink it right from the vacuum-insulated stainless-steel carafe in copper!  His coffee will stay fresh and cold for up to 24-hours! Perfect for commutes to work, running errands on the weekend, or just hanging out around the house.

The Watch Man:  Tissot Le Locle Silver Bracelet Watch For Men, 39mm – Buy It Here

Best Men's Watches 2017: Tissot le Locle Bracelet Watch For Men 2018

Check Price

Because it’s time to class up his wrist and this is the best way to do it.

The Music Loving Man:  Marshall ‘Killburn’ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Buy It Here

Best Gifts for Him 2017: Marshall Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Check Price

Because it’ll be the sickest portable speaker he owns.

The Genius Kind of Man:  The ‘Watermelon Keg Tapping Kit’ – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because drinking out of a watermelon is a must-do.  Plus, pour in a little vodka and everyone wins!

For the Whiskey Making Guy:  The At-Home DIY Whiskey and Rum Making Kit – Buy It Here

Check Price

Because now you can make your own whiskey (or rum) at home.  It just tastes better that way.

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