Tootie is With Child, Mrs Garrett Pissed

Ohhhhh I knew that living in roller skates could only lead to troubled times! Tootie…er…I mean Kim Fields is “with child” and couldn’t be happier about it. Star of “The Fact’s of Life” (well, Blair was the real star, but for purposes of this story we’ll say that Tootie was the star) expects her first child in May 2007 with boyfriend Christopher Morgan. That’s right, boyfriend…not husband. Mrs. Garrett must be pissed! I mean, after all the time that she spent with those girls trying to teach them right from wrong and Tootie goes and pulls this type of shenanigan!? She has some nerve I tell ya, some nerve!

So here’s how it went down. Tootie and her boyfriend were on the subway and her boyfriend was all, “Tootie let’s start a family” and Tootie was all, “Uh ok, but I should check with Mrs. Garrett” and her boyfriend was all “well if Jo Polacheck gets to have a motorcycle then you, Tootie, should be allowed to have a kid.” Ok, so it went down a little different than that, but the did decide to start a family while on the subway.

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