Tommy Lee Wants Me to Go F*ck Myself….No Really.

Sweet. I made an enemy. No fun. So remember how I told you how I saw Tommy Lee in LA at KOI with Rod Stewart and his family? Oh, and I may have mentioned that I caught Hep C when he walked by. Yeah, well, apparently that’s not too cool to say because I had a message waiting for me from Tommy Lee in my Myspace inbox telling me to, and I quote, “GO FUCK YERSELF!!!” At least he did the sidewards smiley face in the body of the email.

Let me totally go on the record saying that I, of course, deserve an email like that. I’m not mad or confused by it. I deserve it, for sure. Sometimes I go way too far with my 5th grade jokes. Can I say though that I sorta thought Tommy Lee was an ass before this, but this has made him totally cool in my eyes. I’m hoping he took the joke and seems like he did. And let me say this, if I was hosting The Soup or Best Week Ever these people would love these low blows.

Tommy Lee rocks. I’m writing him in for President. Oh, and if I’m gone from this blog it probably means that he took a hit out on me so please alert the authorities.

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