This Time Last Year: Teefs and Tats Pats


It’s time for your favorite “lazy Friday” segment, “This Time Last Year.”  Basically, I post what I was blogging about this time last year.  Catchy title.  Anyway, here’s what was blogged about in regards to a night out on the scripted town with Teefs and Tats Pats….this time last year.

Me gusta when Teefs and Tats Patridge head out for a night on the town!  To me, these two are like the sluttier and toothier Olsen Twins.  Is that a word?  Sluttier?  It is.  Toothier is too.  I’m adding both to the dictionary…and the almanac…just because.  Anydeadeyes, Teefs and Tats Pats were all beaver teeth, covered beaver, sleepy eyes, and awkward smiles at the premiere of “Into the Blue 2″ in sunny Los Angeles, CA.  Audrina was sporting her best 8th grade graduation gown and her sister, Casey, made sure to show off her feminine tattoos.  Do you ever think that the photographers get pissed at these two because they never know where they’re looking?  As a sidenote there are thousands of actual actors out of work.

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