This Time Last Year: Roz from Night Court


It’s time for your favorite “lazy Friday” segment, “This Time Last Year.”  Basically, I post what I was blogging about this time last year.  Catchy title.  Anyway, here’s what was blogged about in regards to an Rachel Bilson and Roz from Night Court…this time last year.

I always assumed that Roz from Night Court wore her bailiff outfit no matter where she was.  Even though Night Court ended years ago I’m proud that she’s still committing to her character.  Very admirable.

Rachel Bilson was out and about on Hollywood Boulevard yesterday sporting her trademark hat even though it was warm and sunny.  Rachel Bilson is to a winter hat as Roz is to a bailiff outfit.  If only these were the analogies for the SATs maybe I would have scored higher….much higher.  Damn you Roz and damn you Rachel Bilson’s hat!

So, uh, nothing else to really say about Rachel.  Just kinda wanted to make reference to Roz.  That is all.  Now get outta here!

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