This Time Last Year: It’s a Suriful Life


It’s time for your favorite “lazy Friday” segment, “This Time Last Year.”  Basically, I post what I was blogging about this time last year.  Catchy title.  Anyway, here’s what was blogged about in regards to Suri Claus being better than your dumb kid…this time last year.

Oh so she gets to dress like a princess and share a special made-up handshake with both Mickey and Minnie Mouse?  Eh, life must be tough.  I bet Suri Claus didn’t even have to wait in line like the rest of the 45,391 kids who don’t even get to shake Mickey’s hand let alone look at him.  I bet some 250 pound bodyguard stood over her with a golf-sized umbrella so that the sun didn’t make her too hot or have to squint. Yeah, life’s a challenge.  Look at the way she’s looking into the camera with that mocking “I’m better than you” look in her eyes.  You’ll pay, Suri Claus, you’ll pay!

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