This is the Most Ghastly Thing I’ve Ever Heard. It’s Like Something You’d Hear at a Horrid Karaoke Lounge on a Cruise Ship.


Get ready to raise the tight black v-neck to the rafters because Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol after this upcoming season.  The judge, who is reportedly paid $36 million a year, made the announcement at the Television Critics Association press tour just yesterday.    This all comes on the heels of Ellen DeGeneres taking over Paula Abdul’s spot for the upcoming season.  Somewhere digging through a dumpster searching for meth, Paula is surely smiling ear to ear. I mean, partially because of the drugs and partially because of the news of Cowell’s departure.

Dry your tears, however, because this may not be the last we see of Simon.  Recent rumors over at TMZ are saying that Cowell has been chatting it up with Paula Abdul about possibly being a judge on the American version of the UK hit show, “X-Factor.”  Uh, if that’s the case should they just call the show “American Idol” and we’ll pretend this whole mess never happened?

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