This is Just a Simple Mistake, Really

While many sources are claiming that Clay Aiken is going to be the father of his producers, Jaymes Foster, baby there are some that are saying this story is completely false. I’m sure this is just a simple mistake and that facts were just accidentally mixed up. Perhaps Cynthia Nixon’s lesbian life partner is the one who’s knocked up and they just assume she was standing with Clay Aiken. Eh, they’re both butch bitches. It’s a common error.

Anyway, Jaymes Foster is the 50 year old sister of producer David Foster…while little Clay is only 29 small years old. I don’t even think he can get an erection….at 29. Ask your parents what that means, kids. The story goes Clay artificially inseminated Jayme (who may be due in August). Oh, and by “artificially inseminated” I actually mean “Clay had a wet dream and then Jayme did splits on his sheets.” That’s how that works, right? Go on girl!
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