The Soup: My 14 Year Old Girl Moment

So by now you know I’m out in LA for a few days hunting Olsen Sluts (who are apparently in NYC this week…son-of-a-b#@!), but last night I got to live out (sorta) my dream. If you’re a regular reader of this site you know that I’ve been watching The Soup (Talk Soup) on E! since the show started about 10 years ago. It’s my calling in life (next to making the Greenhouse Effect even worse). Anyway, a good friend of mine, Lauren, who I now moved to the #2 spot on my Myspace (I know!) got me and her into a taping of The Soup last night!
For me, this was like a “Make a Wish Foundation” wish for me, but without the crappy disease that you typically must have in order to get that wish granted. The taping was a blast (and a real hoot) and I then got to meet Joel McHale after the show and talk to him for a minute or two. Of course the topic was Tyra Banks (I did not bring it up). I barely remember what I said, as inside I was like a 14 year old girl meeting The Beatles. The show was great and Joel (we’re on a first name basis) was a riot. Even in between takes he would tell hilarious stories and we would all laugh like school-girls.
Thanks, LTrain, for making my tiny little dream come true. LA is magical (insert sarcasm here, followed by an awkward laugh).
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