The Jonas Brothers: What Exactly Are They. Someone Please Explain. And….Go!

I never really feel that old. I usually pride myself on being pretty knowledgeable on all current events and by “current events” I really mean “stupid pop culture crap.” However I can honestly say I know nothing about The Jonas Brothers. Nothing. When researching things to post about on good old IBBB I always come across Jonas Brothers stuff, but never read it. From what I can gather, they are singers? Are they from England? I think they are. And how is Miley Cyrus involved with them? And, more importantly, who is Selma Gomez? And who is Demi Lovato? And why are these three names always associated with The Jonas Brothers? Are they all virgins? Is that the deal? Are they all the same person? Is it like the Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montanna thing? Am I old?

I’m totally and utterly confused. Therefore I am reaching out to you, the IBBB readers, to explain to me exactly what The Jonas Brothers are. I feel that knowing this will “help me get in good with the ‘the kids.'” While you’re at it, tell me everything you know about Demi and Selma. I think I’m pretty up-to-speed on Miley. Her southern cackalacky twang and deep hick voice tells me all I need to know.


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