The Harriet Carter Spinoff!

Back by popular demand is “2 Minute Recaps.” A spinoff of “Harriet Carter Wednesday,” watch my favorite Harriet Carter model, Rachel Platt, host this online cooking show like a champ. If you’re new to this, check out last weeks explainer by clicking here. Now that we’re all settled, here’s my craptastic recap of this weeks episode of Rachel and Will making “Fail-Safe Pasta.” Fail-Safe? Failure Model Chick? Perfect! Let’s go:

  • Wait, what is this I see? Rachel has given up the wine? However she has replaced it with vodka! Good for her. I can also see that the bottle of Kettle One is half empty, so I’m sure she was doing shots before they started filming.
  • Rachel admits to us that she has “a bad habit of inviting people over without thinking.” Yes, that is a bad habit. I sometimes kick people out without thinking so I feel your pain.
  • Will is totally hitting on Rachel when he tells her to “empty out her crisper.” Woo-hoo! Bom-chica-bom-bom. Rachel smiles when he says this as she knows she has completely cleaned up her crisper just for him.
  • Rachel has traded away her multiple “ok’s” and replaced them with “rights.” Way to change it up!
  • I’m convinced that “ingredients” overall are completely new to Rachel. When “Chef Will” informs her that she needs to use tomato sauce she is confused as she says there are some that are “puree” and some tomato sauces that are “just food.” Really? Just food? Now I’m confused. Quick Rachel, take a swig from your martini!
  • No offense, but I’d like for Rachel and Will to be wearing hair-nets while they cook. Thanks.
  • Hahaha Rachel give the complete wrong reaction when Will talks about getting the sauce with green peppers and onions. She says, “awwww” and makes a mad/sad face, but then says, “Nice!” That is, my friends, acting and reacting at its finest. She has become one with her character.
  • Rachel really lets loose and gives a nice “heeeeey” when they talk about adding the vodka to the meal. I bet she’s totally the kind of girl who’s a sloppy drunk. I hope so.
  • Chef Will adds about half a shot of vodka (that’s a cooking term, right?) to the sauce and Rachel is frantic that she’s going to get her guests drunk that way. I’m starting to even feel sorry for myself at this point.
  • She immediately giggles when Will tells her “no.” OH MY GOD….Rachel is 100% in love with Chef Will. Why Rachel you little foxy minx you!
  • Rachel tells us that she “happens to have a fork” with her. Yeah, I’m sure she carries it with her at all times as she typically goes by the school-yard with it and pokes at little kids through the fence…..I’d assume.
  • The segment ends with Rachel telling us that this meal is perfect especially when you’re trying to show off how “established” you are. Yes Rachel, when I get a big promotion the first thing I do is invite my friends over, cook them some pasta, and just say to them “See?”

That concludes another segment of 2 Minute Recaps, the spinoff from Harriet Carter Wednesday. What a real treat. I heart Rachel. I’m also adding a new goal to my list. I want to be in the Harriet Carter catalog AND I want to be a guest in one of their cooking segments.

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