The Fake Paula Abdul Twitter Account is Almost As Crazy as the Real Paula Abdul. I Said Almost.


I knew something seemed a little fishy when I got a message stating that Paula Abdul was following me on Twitter.  While I am a national treasure, I was sure that Paula Abdul didn’t know about me and surely wasn’t a fan of IBBB.  Although she does seem crazy enough to think my site qualifies for entertainment.  Ugh, I digest.  Anyway, below are some of my favorite messages from some slam-pig who’s pretending to be Paula Abdul.  However, there is a percentage of me that hopes deep down this really is Paula Abdul and she really is this funny.  Eh, I’ll toss it into my nightly prayers to Jesus Claus.





Of course, my favorite was the cameltoe comment from Paula.  Partially because I’ve written about Paula Abdul’s cameltoe in the past and partially because somewhere in Paula’s mind I assume she thinks medication can do that to her and I pray that she is willing to write about it.

Anyskatcat, now is as good a time as any to tell people to follow me on Twitter if you already aren’t.

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