Terri Irwin Blamed For Australian Bushfire (Giggity)



Well, well, well.  It looks like el pollo has come home to roost.  It has been reported that the mother of Bindi Irwin (that little B), Terri Irwin, has been blamed for a wild bushfire on land that had been dedicated to her late husband, Steve Irwin.  I always assumed that the phrase “wild bushfire” was only used when referencing Lindsay Lohan dropping a cigarette into her lap, but apparently I stand to be corrected.

Random druknen Australian groups are blaming Terri for not only suffering from permanent khaki-clothes-cameltoe and allowing Bindi Sue to enter the United States, but also for neglecting the land and “poor fire prevention practices.”  Sure I made the first two parts up, but if I don’t blame Terri for those things, who will?  So far up to half of the 330,000 acres have been reported to be on fire.  Perhaps Bindi can “rap” away the bushfire?  Me personally, I would send her into the bush with a Dixie Cup filled with 4 ounces of water and instruct her to “get creative.”

Disclaimer: Fires aren’t funny.
Disclaimer 2:  I’m an idiot.

*Special thanks go to avid IBBB reader, Danette, for bringing this breaking story to my attention.  Ole, Danette, ole!

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