Tats McGee is Sooowwwwy :(


Did you all know that “Bombshell” McGee is actually not Audrina’s sister?  Seriously, I was waiting for a good old fashion “Ricki Lake DNA Test” but after doing some made-up research, I’ve learned that the alleged mistress of Jesse James is not actually Tats Pats. It’s Tats McGee!  Ole!

Tats McGee was on an Australian television show and wanted to take a second to issue a heartfelt apology to Sandra Bullock.  Tats vomited out the words, “Sandra, I’m sorry for your embarrassment.  I’m sorry all this is public.  I’m sorry for everything.”

Apology accepted!  No need to say another word!  Consider it water under the bridge!  These are all phrases that I’m assuming Sandra will be saying to Tats McGee in the near future.  I’m sure she’ll end her statement by saying, “You know, one day we’re all going to look back on this and have a great laugh.”

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