Yes the Hatchimals Ligull is Officially Flying Off of Target Shelves

…and online because, let’s be honest, who’s waiting in line at an actual store anymore?  I mean, we will to get these, but we digress.

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Who’s ready to have the word “Ligull” become part of their new every day vocabulary?  If you involuntarily raised your hand, we feel your pain.  As you may have heard (because your kids have been screaming it in your ear all week) the new line of Hatchimals Twins is out and they have an exclusive cute little creature with Target called the Ligull.  Yep, you heard that right. No misspellings here!

We assume the Ligull is definitely part lion and, well, is it too easy to assume the other half is a seagull? I mean, it does have wings so that makes sense?  If that’s the case good luck with it not trying to rip the bag of chips right from your hands when you’re on the beach (you know the type).  We have to be honest, the Ligull is pretty cute.  First off, did you know they hatch in their speckled colorful egg as twins?  That’s right, you’re not drunk and cross-eyed, you’re actually seeing two of them.  Twins! Fine, we kind of love that.  Part of the continuing surprise is that you never really know which color combinations you’re going to get and, well, that’s half the fun!

One of the other things that we love about the Ligull (besides their cute and soft little faces) is that not only do you still have to help them hatch out of their shell and take care of them to bring them to new and fun stages of life, but you can also teach them how to speak/say some words and because they’re twins they actually already know how to play fun games and hijinks with each other.  So you can play with them or just sit back and enjoy the show.

The Ligull will be released on Sept 18th for Pre-Order.  In the meantime, some Ligulls leaked online already (gross?) and you can buy one right now below:

Update: September 18, 2017 ] The Hatchimals Surprise Ligull and available for pre-order at two surprise eggs are now .  Check the links below and get them while you can!

1.  New Hatchimal Twin Ligull – Buy It Here (or check availability to Buy It Here )

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2.  Hatchimals Surprise Pink Egg – Pre Order It Here

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3.  Hatchimals Surprise Purple Egg at Target – Pre Order It Here
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