Tara Reid the New Carol Brady?

Ok so she was drunk and fell down the other day, but who didn’t really? Tara Reid cleaned herself up for the other nights premiere of “Black Christmas” and she even got into famed club “Hyde” the same night! Wow, she’s 2 for 2 at this point! You may remember that the last time Tara tried to get into Hyde she was not allowed past the front door. I do think they did let her peek through the door for about 5 minutes though. That’s nice of them.

Tara is totally the new Carol Brady with both her behavior and apparently her look. Now the only difference is that I don’t think Carol Brady went on 15 different talk shows to discuss her bad boob job and faulty liposuction, but I mean we’re really just splitting hairs at this point anyway.

Tara isn’t out of the woods yet though. She’ll be giving an “appearance” at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago for New Years Eve. Wait, I think I seriously have better plans than her for New Years. Pasquale 1, Tara Reid 1. I’ll figure out a way to beat her yet!

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